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Tango for Real

For many, the Tango is a way of life in Buenos Aires. It characterizes the passion and intensity of our great city and is a true expression of Buenos Aires’ very essence.  Tango dance and tango music constantly evolve, its reincarnations capturing the hearts of souls of every new generation.  No dance form rivals the Tango’s sophistication and sensuality.
The Buenos Aires Experience is not about Hollywood glitz or cheesy shows. You got this far and we believe your tango experience should be through the eyes of the Tango movement’s disciples.  To see a glitzy stage performance you do not need to come to Argentina, but if you want to immerse yourself in the world of the true Tango then our host intends to treat you to a rip-roaring local Buenos Aires Experience well off the typical tourist beat.  Our “tanguero” (he who tangos) will take you on a magical journey into the very heart of tangos’ birthplace.
We start our tour at the oldest café in town with presentation of the different Tango dance styles.
Then we are off to an intimate atypical bodega where our host is both our chef and our waiter who will delight with Porteño fare accompanied by a fine Malbec.
We complete our tour in one or maybe two of Buenos Aires’ happening Milongas.  A Milonga is often wrongly translated as a dance hall. Nothing like it!  A Milonga is where the tango aficionados meet to dance and demonstrate their particular Tango styles amongst their contemporaries. The word originates as slang for a party. Here men take the girls out to dance “cabeceando” (shaking of the head side to side), just like the tango men of yesteryear.
Our Buenos Aires Tango Experience is no show, this is Tango for real.
The Milongas are social clubs, art-nouveau cafes, Belle Epoch Ballrooms or private homes. The venues are ever changing and adapting to the crowd.  Our “tanguero” will ensure you are part of today’s main tango vibe.

***If dancing is your thing, the sights and ambiance will most certainly be all you need, however, we can also arrange some private lessons in a charming colonial setting. It takes two to tango, so if you need a dance partner just let us know***.

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