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Are you travelling to Buenos Aires or other cities in Argentina on business? 


Maybe you are considering establishing a business in Buenos Aires or Argentina, buying a business, or buying from businesses in Argentina.

Buenos Aires Experience retains a specialist team of multi-lingual consultants, researchers, translators, specialist guides and professional advisors.

Opening companies, offshore tax, local tax and immigration advice, investing in Argentina, buying goods and services in Argentina, import and export, Buenos Aires Experience has an expert panel of professional advisors to help you make the right decisions.

Are you thinking of conducting business in Buenos Aires or Argentina or maybe you are relocating?

Buenos Aires Experience organises and manages company and employee relocation to Argentina. Our team can scout for homes, advise on schools and introduce clients to the city and culture. We retain a multi-lingual team of business consultants and professional advisors to support adaptation and those tentative first steps.    

Whatever your business, whatever your business goals Buenos Aires Experience retains consultants that speak your language