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Found in Patagonia at the base of the imposing Andes surrounded by blue crystal lakes, rugged mountains and pine smelling forests San Carlos de Barilocheis one of the most beautiful regions in the of Argentina.

Bariloche is Argentina’s
most important all-year-round outdoor sports resort with first-world facilities to test the skills of professionals, adventurers and the outdoor enthusiast.

The nameSan Carlos de Barilocheis derived from Carlos Wiederhold, the owner of the area’s first general store and is a homophone of the word Vuriloche - an indigenous word meaning “the people behind the mountain”.

A small settlement built up around Wiederhold’s store and by 1895 Austrians, Chileans, Germans, Italians and Slavs had primarily settled this beautiful but sometimes inhospitable part of Argentina’s south.  In 1930, a new city center with ‘’Swiss Alpine looks’’ added to Bariloche's European flavor and appeal, along with its credentials as South America’s most important Ski Resort.

Much of Bariloche’s famous beauty is born of 1930 design, with the creation of a number of urban works projects coordinated by the Directorate of National Parks thus ensuring growth not detracting from the regions outstanding natural beauty.

Works included the creation of the Civic Center, which houses City Hall, a library, a museum, a theater, the post office, police station and a customs office.  In addition, was the construction of the cathedral and the famous LlaoLlaoHotel.

Located about 1640 kilometers from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina’s Capital, Bariloche is the most famous of the Patagonian cities.

Bariloche retains a feeling of a ‘’frontier retreat’’ before you reach the End of the World, but is well-developed for tourists with five star accommodations, excellent cuisine all year round, a well-established entertainment , with safe sightseeing and adventure tourism that is refreshingly organized and professional – dare we say it? San Carlos de Bariloche has a feeling of Northern European efficiency about it!

Bariloche - the Winter Resort

The mountains surrounding Bariloche afford international competition grade ski runs. The mythical Mount Catedral is one of the most important ski resorts in all Latin America with 53 ski runs for differentlevels of proficiency, as well as off trail, free style and snowboard courses with jumps and rails.

Chapelco Ski Resort is another well-known resort, located about 1 hour from downtown Bariloche in the neighboring city of San Martin de Los Andes.  Chapelco has 20 ski runs for different levels and a breath taking view of Lake Lacar.

PiedrasBlancas is a family and beginners resort with downhill and cross-country skiing and sledding during the winter.  In summer, family fun is still the theme with mountain biking, hiking and rock climbing.   There is a small indoor ice skating rink located above a live music venue on Juan Manuel de Rosas, a lakeside street.  The rink is located directly on the shore of Lake Huapi and offers skaters a wonderful view.

Bariloche -the Summer Resort

In the summer time, visitors can enjoy a round of golf at one of three golf courses in Bariloche.  The LlaoLlao Hotel has a world class course on the shores of Lake Huapi and Lake Moreno; Arelauquen Golf has 18 holes and overlooks Lake Guiterrez and Pinares Golf is 9 holes course.

The Lakes District surrounding San Carlos de Bariloche is abundant with both course and fly-fishing lakes, streams and rivers.  There are numerous places to kayak.   The crystal waters of Lake Huapi also offer scuba diving.  In Argentina, beaches, even lake beaches are public property and great lake beaches abound.  Playa Serna and Playa Bonita are two easy-access beaches, wonderful for sitting and enjoying the sights and sounds of the lake. 

Boat cruises through the deep blue waters of LagoHahuelHuapi depart daily from Puerto Panuel, which is located across from the Hotel LlaoLlao.   Destinations include Puerto Blest, ParqueNacional de Arrayanes and Isla Victoria.  Water lovers can also enjoy kite surfing, a new comer to LagoHuapi.  Around Bariloche, there are also several stretches of water offering kayaking and white water rafting.

Land lovers can enjoy world class hiking in NahuelHuapi National Park or at one of the many ‘’refuges’’ located throughout the region.  There are mountain biking and motorcycle rentals, paragliding, rock climbing, paint ball and more for outdoor enthusiasts.

Carol Jones, granddaughter to the first white settler in the area from Wales, UK offers guided horse trips, interaction with real gauchos and a mouthwatering Patagonian asado (Argentine BBQ).

The most adventurous tourists can enjoy a canopy tour, flying among the tops of mature-growth Lenga trees.  There are even monthly full moon trips that offer pizza and local beer. Speaking of beer – Bariloche has fantastic nightlife and there are some great local micro-breweries. 

Famous discos, pubs, breweries and gourmet cuisine have visitors partying all night topped off by the amazing view of the sun rising over the mountains and casting its light upon the lake and city.  There are also several casinos in town, many of which offer Las Vegas style (ish) entertainment in the evenings.

For families, the Happy Train tours the City of Bariloche throughout the day.  Visitors can train ride to the Patagonian Steppe and beyond. 

has several museums to include a chocolate museum, an interesting journey from the chocolate bean to the sweet candy we all know and love – Patagonia has good chocolate

The Patagonia Museum details the history of the area.  Kids are sure to enjoy Dinosaur Park at ParqueNahuelito, located on the Circuito Chico. There are also underground caverns to explore at Parque Cerro Leones where mystery and adventure abound.

Visitors to Argentina should consider a visit to Patagonia and indeed San Carlos de Bariloche.

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